Vertical Ecosystems

Bringing urban spaces to life.


VitaWall introduces one of the leading living wall technologies in Europe and South America to New York. Vertical Ecosystem, an internationally patented system, is proprietary to VitaWall in New York, and has been used to design, install and maintain living walls for some of the world’s most breathtaking architectural spaces. Backed by the proprietary patent, VitaWall integrates modern landscape design with nature to transform any indoor or outdoor space into a living paradise.

Who we are

Laura Falcones – CEO

lauraOriginally from Spain, VitaWall founder Laura Falcones has always been drawn to awe-inspiring spaces. Her passion lies in exploring how the beauty of natural and man-made wonders can harmoniously coexist, while creating living works of art. Laura developed her expertise in horticulture and landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden’s School of Professional Horticulture, and has worked as a horticulturist in gardens throughout New York. Her artistic vision coupled with her experience as a project management consultant ensures a clear concept for every project and the highest quality service. Instagram @laurafvita

Ignacio Solano – Partner Consultant

nachoHaving developed his passion for investigative plant studies in tropical jungles around the world over the past 14 years, Ignacio Solano is an expert in wide array of species and their ability to interact with one another. His invention of the Vertical Ecosystem applies complex biological concepts to vertical gardening, and his patented formula has been highly recognized and awarded worldwide. Founder of Paisajismo Urbano, Solano works closely with VitaWall as a consultant. 


Chris Stager – SwissScape – Building Construction Consultant

chris-thumbWith 25 years of building irrigation systems on lush rooftops and backyard gardens across Manhattan, Chris Stager is no stranger to the urban oasis. As a valuable VitaWall consultant, Chris focuses on utility and functionality, integrating all of the important structural elements with VitaWall’s unique plant design. Or in Chris’s words, “If you look at the garden and take out the plants – that’s what SwissScape does. The stone work, lighting, irrigation, fence, waterfalls and fountains – essentially the structure for the garden. That’s my passion, and I believe it can be both purposeful and aesthetically pleasing.”