Living Walls

A breath of fresh air. Literally.

Our system, created by Paisajismo Urbano, has been used to create living wall installations for over 10 years. Unlike some systems, our approach is creating conditions in which the plants can grow and propagate in a self-sustaining manner, while maintaining control of their evolution according to the intended design. Our soilless Vertical Ecosystem combines botanical expertise with a sophisticated irrigation system to ensure long-term, efficient and sustainable living walls.

With a focus on sustainability, we have one of the highest plant survival rate in this type of environment. We take great pride in our work and provide regular maintenance to keep our living walls as healthy as the planting day.


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  • Sustainability

    • Provides oxygen and reduces carbon footprint
    • Reduces urban heating effect
    • Outdoor walls create habitats for birds and pollinators, increasing biodiversity
    • Can be used to grow food
  • Health & Wellness

    • Acts as a sound-proofing barrier, reducing overall noise levels
    • Provides moisture
    • Boosts energy
    • Promotes healing
  • Increased Value

    • Increases overall value of property
    • Can apply for LEEDs credit from USGBC
    • Enhances customer experience
    • Improves company image
    • Boosts exclusivity
  • Energy Saving

    • Naturally insulates buildings
    • Cools interior spaces, reducing the need for continuous air conditioning.
    • Protects exterior walls from environmental damages
  • Aesthetic & Mood

    • Creates a peaceful oasis in urban spaces
    • Boosts creativity
    • Looks like a living work of art
  • Purification

    • Traps dust and gases in the air
    • Cleans interiors of toxins